Magnetic Float Mount was started by my husband, Steven Puetzer and myself, Tricia Shay; we are both photographers by trade (him – commercial; me – architectural). What started in our garage as a search for an inventive way to display some metal prints for an art show turned into a creative mounting system that can be universally applied to many substrates. Our story goes like this:

I am an avid woodworker and Steve and I designed a frame to house some images we were displaying at an art show. Steve wanted to be able to change the artwork out so he devised a magnetic mounting system with the frames and also created a version out of acrylic for a high end look. Patents were applied for, and were granted (we hold 3 Patents on the frame system & 1 Patent on the magnetic float mount).

So, looking for a simpler mount as an option to the frame that would still keep prints secure and level, Steve decided to deconstruct the frame and try it with just the rails and magnets and found a strong, no-show mounting system that is unlike any other…Magnetic Float Mount was born (US PATENT Protected). It was originally designed for metal prints, but through testing Steve has found that it works with so many other substrates – Styrene, Sintra, DiBond, Steel, Gatorboard, Foamboard and Canvas Thin Wraps. The mounts are made in our shop by our crew, by hand, with quality being most important to us.

We hope you love your Magnetic Float Mount as much as we love creating them. That’s our story – follow along with our journey! We hope to continue to launch new innovative photo products down the road.

 ~Tricia & Steve